I have been seeing Dr. Sturm since January and I can’t say enough good things about her. From the first visit she was warm and I didn’t feel judged. She walked me through every step and explained my lab work really clearly. I see her twice a month and I have seen a huge improvement! She is also very timely and I have never waited. Karlye at the front desk is very sweet as well.
I am so happy I found them and I highly recommend them!
— Lianca A. | Denver, CO
My husband and I have been seeing Dr Sturm for 10 months. She has been instrumental in correcting my painful cycles and improving fertility health. She has been able to answer every question my husband and I have had on our fertility journey and has taken an individualized approach to our issues. Confirming your appointment via text message ensures that you will not have to wait when your appointment is scheduled and allows ample time to answer questions and review treatment options during your appointment time. Karlye at the front desk is so nice and keeps the office running smoothly! As new patients to acupuncture, Denver Holistic Medicine has made it easy and comfortable for my husband and I to improve our fertility health.
— Jessica B. | Central Denver, CO
My kids have all been patients of Dr. Sturm for many years now. They love her and so do my husband and I! We are taken such good care of and really cared about. I am also a new patient of Dr. Sturm myself for women’s health. Making appointments and contacting the office are easy, parking is provided, and the most important - the best holistic care and natural remedies and supplements offered at this office.
— J M. | Northwest Denver, CO
I started seeing Dr. Sturm for fertility in August 2015. I had previously seen fertility specialists and they were unable to give an exact diagnosis for our infertility. I was told an exploratory surgery and IVF would be needed. I decided to walk away from that practitioner and explore the eastern medicine route. After five months of acupuncture and herbs I was able to conceive. I am now 14 weeks pregnant! Dr. Sturm and her office assistant, Sophia, are wonderful! They are extremely timely in their response when you have a question or need to make an appointment. They’re both very kind people who genuinely care about the patient’s well being. It’s a very comfortable setting and truly helped me to calm down, which I believe ultimately helped me get pregnant. I would advise anyone facing infertility or hormonal imbalances to make an appointment with Dr. Sturm.

— C. P. Aurora, CO
Relaxing environment, caring doctor. I’ve been visiting Dr. Sturm for about three months now. I was dealing with some health issues, chronic pain, and anxiety. I can honestly say that over that time, Dr. Sturm has greatly helped with all of these issues. She truly cares and really listens. I can see a light at the end of the tunnel!

— M. H. Denver, CO
Thoughtful, intuitive, holistic care. Dr. Simone Sturm is truly amazing!! She is not only extremely knowledgeable in her field, but she is intuitive and thoughtful in her care. She allows you to be an active participant in your health, working beside and empowering you every step of the way, never pushing her personal agenda. You may start seeing her for one reason, and end up feeling better in other areas of your life you didn’t even know were out of balance! Some things she has helped me with are hormone regulation and fertility, constipation and digestive issues, anxiety, immunity and just overall feeling so much better! She really creates an environment for your body to heal itself. In addition to this, she has a very calming nature. As someone with anxiety and initial ‘needle phobia’- I could not trust someone more and feel more comfortable at my appointments. I always look forward to my time with her and absolutely recommend her if you’re looking to improve your health and life.

— J. W. Northglenn, CO
Great Results. I have been struggling with an ongoing health issue for a couple of years and when my conventional route failed me, I went to see Dr. S. The custom herbs and supplements worked with amazing speed and I’m feeling much, much better. I really can’t believe it myself, but I have seen an amazing turnaround in a really short amount of time. The treatment is really a life changer. Thanks so much.

— L. P. Durmont, CO
From 6 months to 2.5 years old, Dr. Simone has provided great support for our child and my family. When my son was 6 months old, he received his routine vaccinations and got severely sick that night. We were told he got RSV and wouldn’t be well for the next 2-3 weeks. I found Dr.Simone online and she helped my son and he felt better in 4 days. After this experience, even my scientific husband opened himself to more alternative therapies. Since then she has been our family doctor and we have been very grateful and thankful for her. She is supporting us and helping my son every step of the way. She has helped us with his terrible two attacks, constipation, common cold, my herpes, stomach flu and immunity. So briefly I can highly recommend her to adults as well as babies and kids. I would follow her advice exactly as she says as it has supported my family and myself. Thanks a lot Dr. Simone!

— H. A. Evergreen, CO
I began seeing Dr. Sturm at the start of my second pregnancy, to help treat pre-term labor symptoms (which proved successful). I’ve continued to seek her care over the past 3 years for a variety of ailments (common cold, women’s health, general wellness), all of which has been very effective. She has treated my children as well - helping to alleviate allergies, immune support and traditional colds. She’s very intelligent, caring and easy to talk to. Dr. Sturm has always been supportive of my desire to seek both holistic and western approaches to medicine, which I appreciate so much. I can’t recommend her enough!

— P. K. Denver, CO
Extremely Personable, Big Perspective approach. I love taking my kids here, Simone is incredibly kind and intelligent. With past pediatricians I had the issue of doctors wanting to turn to medication immediately, because both my kids plummeted in weight after I stopped breast feeding. I enjoy how Simone looks at the bigger picture and helps with natural routes, giving me suggestions for how to help my kids gain weight healthily (which have worked every time) rather than medication. My kids are comfortable with her and I love the peaceful atmosphere of her office. It’s absolutely stress free.

— M. L. Denver, CO
Knowledgeable and kind. Dr Sturm is a very talented practitioner. She has treated me for infertility and pregnancy loss for years and I am so grateful for supportive, honest opinions. I believe that her care is one of the primary reasons I was able to have my son. Dr. Sturm has also treated him for ailments such as the common cold and eczema. All the treatments have been extremely effective and I did not have to use western medications, which can have side effects. I had not had acupuncture before seeing Dr. Sturm but she has made me a believer!

— S. J. Denver, CO
Changed My World. I can’t even begin to say how grateful I am for Doctor Simone! Last summer I was suffering from migraines. I thought it was becoming my new normal. I had already been seeing someone for acupuncture but I wasn’t really getting consistent results. I remember I was fed up one day and searching online and came across Denver Holistic Medicine and called right away. I ended up making an appointment. Doctor Simone came up with a plan and it is working! I was having migraines for up to 15 days in a row and now I might get 0-3 a month. I am so thankful for all she has done/doing for me! I feel better than ever!

— L. S. Denver, CO
Very Professional. I have been going to Denver Holistic Medicine now for a few months. Simone has been wonderful. She has greatly improved my health condition, in a short time using acupuncture and herbs. I have a few health issues that have affected my life for years, she has addressed them very successfully. Simone is very professional, knowledgeable, and caring. I highly recommend seeing her.

— T. J. Aurora, CO
I have had a great experience at Denver Holistic Medicine. Dr. Simone is very knowledgeable, friendly, and personable which creates a wonderful and healing healthcare environment. I would definitely recommend her to my friends.

— C. B. Denver, CO
I was struggling with an issue for a couple of years. Dr. Sturm was great to work with and has an easy manner that made me very comfortable (I hate the attitude and bedside manner of western practitioners). She made me understand what I needed to do to make necessary changes in diet and lifestyle, and supplemented my program with acupuncture and a customized herbal blend. It took a 2-3 months, but am finally symptom free, something none of the other practitioners I’d visited had been able to do.

— E. R. Denver, CO
I’ve been seeing Simone since I was pregnant with my first daughter. Now, 4 years later, my youngest is 2 and Simone has been my go-to for every health issue that’s come up along the way. The office is clean and beautiful, Simone always listens carefully and treats every detail as important as the next. I feel completely renewed every time I leave, no matter what the symptom was that brought me in. Five Stars!

— J. T. Denver, CO
Dr. Simone Sturm is very kind and skilled in her practice. I presented MANY questions about treatment options and she addressed my concerns with compassion. A highly skilled acupuncturist, I felt nothing short of 100% comfortable in her care and my experience in her office was like nothing I’ve experienced before. In a world where western medicine and doctors fall short, Dr. Simone Sturm brings healing and comfort to her patients. I highly recommend.

— J. A. Denver, CO
I have come to rely on Dr. Sturm for treating my ongoing hormone issues, especially with PMS. Regular acupuncture combined with herbs has kept me from relying on birth control or even anti-depressants to feel emotionally stable, balanced, and full of energy. She also helped my three-year-old daughter get past a terrible bout of night terrors. After eight straight nights, we visited Simone. She showed us how to use acupressure points and gave us an herbal tincture. After three nights of those treatments, she was done, and hasn’t had any night terrors since! Our family truly appreciates the care and amazing services offered by Dr. Sturm!

— J. S. Lakewood, CO
We have two boys, ages 3 and 1, who are both patients of Dr. Sturm. When our oldest son was born, we had a hard time finding a pediatrician who was willing to have an honest, and more importantly, a balanced discussion about vaccines and natural practices. With my health history (Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis) and my 3-year olds health history (Febrial Seizures), it was vital to my husband and I that we find a doctor that values holistic practices versus other doctors trying to shove vaccines in our children’s tiny bodies at a rapid pace, as well as doctors that shove medications at every little problem we face. I know from my debilitating health experience that some bodies are born weaker than others and have to be treated in such a way, rather than following a strict and scary vaccine regimen of “one size fits all”. I know with my health problems, that one size does NOT fit all, and patients (especially young patients) need to be treated individually based on their natural strengths and weaknesses. I know that in my current remission with my diseases, I would not be at this healthy place if not for the holistic path I took at a young age. If not for my holistic doctor, I would be on steroids for the rest of my life and in immense suffering with daily flare ups. With the help of nutrition, strict diet, and natural vitamins (NO steroids or chemotherapy that were recommended by my conventional pediatrician) I am living my fullest life with my diseases. I want this more healthy lifestyle and medical path for my kids, and I had a very good feeling with Dr. Sturm the moment I met her. She made us feel confident and comfortable with our decision to forgo vaccines for our sensitive babies. She was the only doctor in town (and we saw many) that actually had a balanced talk with us on vaccines. We respect her holistic approach, rather than the conventional pediatric medicated approach that made us uncomfortable and nervous at other practices. Dr. Sturm is very welcoming and helpful for giving us information (more holistic, which we appreciate) and letting us make the decisions based on our individual children on what’s best for them. We enjoy seeing her for well visits and feel great asking any questions that come to mind. My kids adore Dr. Sturm and we trust her in helping us do our best to raise healthy kids.

— J. M. Centennial, CO
Dr. Simone is wonderful, intuitive, compassionate in the work she does. She listens and genuinely cares about your wellbeing.

— B. M. Denver, CO
After trying to get pregnant for 18 months, I decided to do the “Cultivating Fertility Cleanse” with Mia. It was on the second month of trying after the cleanse that we became pregnant with our Baby Boy! I wish I had done this cleanse sooner and skipped months of heartache and stress. Mia is a wealth of knowledge about food and fertility. I felt prepared to do the cleanse and very supported with questions I had along the way. I highly recommend this cleanse to anyone trying to conceive or who would like to be more in tune with their cycle and fertility. It certainly worked for me!

— S.B. Denver, CO
Acupuncture has been my little miracle. I suddenly became very ill and within a few months had several surgeries to find out what my mysterious sickness could be. Shortly thereafter, I became bedridden and was no longer able to work. While my team of doctors were trying to figure out my diagnosis, I decided to try acupuncture. I did not know where to begin. While investigating online, I found Denver Holistic Medicine and read that Dr. Sturm specializes in women’s health. I liked that. I decided to give it a shot and was not expecting what eventually happened. After the first month of treatment I was able to get out of bed at least every other day. Little by little, it became every day and I was able function much better in my daily life. My doctors are still undecided about my diagnosis, but I know that my treatments at Denver Holistic Medicine have greatly eased my symptoms, which include nerve pain, dizziness, nausea, extreme water retention and various issues with my nervous system. Denver Holistic Medicine helps me live a better quality of life!

— J.S. Ft. Morgan, CO