Do you live out of town, in the mountains, or in a different state? Sick in bed and can’t leave the house? Are you having trouble finding a holistic provider or functional medicine doctor in your area?

Do not fret! You now have direct access to high-quality, professional holistic care through our new telemedicine offering. Telemedicine, in short, means the diagnosis and treatment through telecommunications technology (Phone, FaceTime, Skype, Zoom, etc.). While we love interacting face-to-face with our patients, we understand that this isn’t always possible, and understand the frustration of not having access to the excellent care you deserve and desire.

Dr. Simone Sturm, functional medicine provider and doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine has over 13 years of experience helping women and children (as well as men) with health concerns ranging from infertility, endometriosis, menstrual irregularities, anxiety/depression, menopause, hormone imbalances and PCOS to pediatric issues such a eczema, emotional imbalances and low immunity. 

How it Works:

1)   Set up an initial consultation with Dr. Simone Sturm via phone (or another telecommunications platform).

2)   The initial consultation lasts an hour, give or take. It really depends on how complicated your specific concern is and how many questions you have. But rest assured, the doctor will go over your entire health history in depth and detail, answer any questions you have, order lab tests (if indicated), and set up a comprehensive treatment plan for you (including lifestyle recommendations, a dietary plan, as well as herbs and supplement/nutraceutical prescriptions.

3)   Schedule a follow-up call – these last about 30 minutes. The doctor will go over lab results with you, make adjustments to your herb or supplement regimen, your nutritional plan, answer questions about your progress, order additional labs, etc.

4)   Additional follow-ups are scheduled on an as-needed basis and will be discussed between the doctor and patient.

Call our office at (303) 862-8756 to set up your telemedicine appointment with Dr. Simone Sturm today! We do not allow new patient booking via our online booking system, so please call or email us to do so.