Breathe In Better Skin With An Oxygen Facial

Nothing beats that feeling of having radiant, flawless skin. The quest for the perfect skincare regimen seems never-ending, especially with all of the different options out there, all promising the kind of skin you only dream about. Well, we have some good news! With essentially zero recovery time and no side effects, the oxygen facial will give you the smooth, more radiant skin you’ve been dreaming about, in no time at all.

            So, what exactly is an oxygen facial? Oxygen facials have been gaining traction in the beauty industry over the past few years, as they are being recognized as a hugely beneficial skincare treatment. The process involves several steps but focuses largely on using a device to deliver a constant, pressurized stream of 90 to 95 percent pure oxygen directly to the skin. After the skin is infused with oxygen, skin-type-appropriate serums and/or creams are applied, taking advantage of the skin’s ability to absorb high quality product directly after an oxygen facial.

Oxygen is vital to us as humans, but the air we breathe is only about 21% oxygen, the rest is mostly nitrogen. This is sufficient to sustain us but, when we expose our skin to higher levels of oxygen, we reap a whole host of benefits. First and foremost, the oxygenation stimulates collagen production in our skin. Collagen is a protein that increases skin’s elasticity and strength, so skin looks plumper and younger.

The oxygen facial detoxifies skin cells, helping with some of the effects of exposure to the elements, pollution, etc. Oxygen also helps increase cell regeneration, which can help with healing acne scars and generally rejuvenating the skin. Additionally, the oxygen exfoliates the outer layer of dead skin, unclogs pores and removes impurities, leaving skin looking radiant and refreshed. The process of the oxygen facial also helps to moisturize skin and even out skin tone.

The best part of the oxygen facial is that there is practically no risk: no redness, no downtime, no bruising, no pain. You will emerge from your facial with smooth, glowing, healthy skin – the effects are immediate. Your skin will have its newfound luster for several days after you receive treatment. We suggest getting an oxygen facial once a week for six weeks to help your skin reach its maximum health, and then monthly treatments after that. You can also continue your normal skincare routine immediately after getting an oxygen facial, no need to wait to continue with your usual products.

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